Writing for Star Wars!

I am over the Forest Moon to announce that I am writing some fiction of that certain galaxy far, far away.

To celebrate 20 years of Episode II: Attack of the Clones I have penned a short story featuring General Grievous for Star Wars Insider magazine.

You can find details of my story – and the other amazing stories on This Week in Star Wars at StarWars.com:


Narrative Design for new MMO

I have been working as Senior Narrative designer on the new MMORPG, Hyperspace, being developed by Scottish games company Carbon Based Life Forms.

Taking existing lore and expanding upon it, we’ve created new alien species with their distinctive cultures, home planets and even languages. New characters have emerged and tantalising gameplay elements are being added all the time.

This is my 5th foray in to the world of games following on from create-your-own adventure books, Moshi Monsters walk-throughs, work on a Doctor Who VR game, as well as storylines and characters for a Chinese-based episodic mobile game.

This has been a much deeper dive, however, working alongside a team of junior Narratives and I have loved it.

Watch this space for more games work to come…

Final volume of Lost In Space graphic novel coming this December

The final volume of my Lost In Space tie-in series of graphic novels is being published by Simon & Schuster on December 14th. You can find details of the publication on the product page.

The release dqte is important as it links to when the third and final series of the hit Netflix TV show will drop.

This volume also collects all the previous stories with amazing art by Zid and El Garing and features the epic two-part adventure, When Worlds Collide, that sees the classic crew of the 1960s Jupiter meet their modern counterparts in a story that celebrates all eras of Lost in Space! 

I had a blast writing the crossover event story and the art makes it look like the panels are frames of an actual filmed episode with two of everyone (Will, Penny, the Robot, Dr Smith, and the whole crew) in slightly different guises and the return of an old foe from the classic TV show – with my own twist on things…

Not to be missed!

All episodes of ROB are now available to view for free online.

My reimagining of the Robin Hood folklore for Hollywood studio, Legendary Entertainment, is now finished and all episodes are available to view online at Webtoon.

You can find the episodes via ROB’s own landing page on the online digital platform.

There is a limited amount of time ROB will available in this format before before the episodes are taken down and Legendary Comics publish a hard copy of the story in the form of graphic novels.


ROB Chapter 4 is Now Live!

Legendary Entertainment have uploaded the next thrilling instalment in the ROB story to the digital Webtoon platform. Written by me, with art by Magda Price, colours by Eren Angiolini, lettering by Tyler Smith ad music (!) by Andrew Edwards.







Rob has been rescued by Blondel, Johan and Alem. They’ve have brought Scarlett along for the ride, too. But with their sabotage scheme in tatters, is this the end of the adventure, or has Rob got a plan up his sleeve? And can Scarlett really be trusted? Or Blondel’s mercenaries?

Find out in Chapter 4!

You can read ROB for free here on the Webtoon site or download the app to view on your smartphone or tablet. You only have to create an account, which is also free.

Please like, subscribe, and rate the chapter. And share far and wide!

Thank you.

Enjoy! 🙂

ROB is Launched on Webtoon – Upwards of 40k Subscribers Already!

My new IP, ROB – based on the Robin Hood mythology – was launched on Thursday 4th February at 1am GT (Wednesday 3rd at 5pm PT) with Legendary Entertainment dropping the first three chapters on the Webtoon digital platform.

The title has proved a runaway success, with ROB already attracting over 43,000 subscribers and an average rating of 8.9, it is currently at no.19 on the “Fantasy” chart out of the hundreds or even thousands of titles on the site.

You can read ROB for free here on the Webtoon site or download the app to view on your smartphone or tablet. You only have to create an account, which is also free.

First Preview of ROB, my original comic coming next week from Legendary and Webtoon!

Those lovely people at SY FY WIRE have written an awesome preview of my creator-owned comic, ROB. FIVE days and counting…

“This inventive, action-packed new take on the Robin Hood story arrives next week on Webtoon…”

See the whole preview with lots of sneak peaks at the amazing art from Magda Price, Eren Angiolini, and Miguel Sepulveda.


Join the Legendary COMIC CON@HOME panel for ROB!

The fine people at Legendary have put together a panel as part of the virtual SDCC this year: COMIC CON@HOME and as part of that we’ll be giving a sneak preview of ROB, my new “RenPunk” take on the Robin Hood mythos.

In the video, you can join me, Robert Napton (SVP of publishing at Legendary), artist Magda Price, colorist Eren Angiolini with Jann Jones of Legendary as our host and guide. Please go to YouTube to watch!

The Webtoon comic is coming in later in 2020 with a hard print, graphic novel to follow.

ROB – Coming Soon From Legendary Entertainment

The logo for my new comic book, ROB – a reimagining of the Robin Hood mythos – from Legendary Entertainment has been revealed, which means the comic itself won’t be far behind…

ROB takes the story we know so well and looks at it from a new angle. How did a young man – one prone to hotheadedness and isn’t that great at archery – become the legend we think we know? Set in the far, far future when the Earth’s resources have been depleted and feudalism has returned as the dominant form of society, ROB takes our hero and his gang of friends away from the familiar territory of Sherwood and out into a brand new, old world.

Be sure to check back for details of the panel the team behind ROB have recorded for SDCC Online this year. Legendary will be revealing artwork and the talented people who have made the comic look fantastic.